In November of 2017, CCM learned of plans by St. Clair County’s Smith’s Creek Landfill Research, Development and Demonstration Project (RDDP) to seek approval from the MDEQ to use up to 73,000 cubic yards of yard waste annually as daily cover to test the impacts for odor mitigation. CCM immediately responded with a strong letter of opposition and secured a meeting with then MDEQ Waste Management Division Director. As a result of that prompt action, CCM was successful in bringing to light the substantial detrimental impacts of this proposal on the composting industry and initiating improved communications with the department on the subject. The department’s proactive sharing of a revised Smith’s Creek abstract with CCM to review and provide feedback is reflective of that. Smith’s Creek continued to pursue approval for exemption from the yard waste ban. In August 2018, CCM was informed of an Attorney General inquiry to determine if the MDEQ could approve the use of yard waste without a new or amended permit. Those efforts ultimately resulted in a significant victory for CCM as the Attorney General’s office advised the MDEQ that it did not have the legal authority to approve the proposed permit changes administratively.